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Our Core

Values Of Care

Because we care about you and the world we live in. You can be confident that when you work with us, you are in safe hands thanks to our honesty, integrity and  professionalism.


Honesty & Integrity

This is at the core of all aspects of our clinical care. We understand the vulnerability of our clients so pledge to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, ensuring all recommendations are safe, appropriate, evidenced, and cost-effective.

This enables us to build a trusting partnership with our clients capable of addressing the most challenging chronic health puzzles and sensitive enough to uncover matters of a personal nature which may hold the key to wellness.


Ethics & Sustainability

Like you, we care about human rights, animal welfare and the future of the world we live in. By supporting sustainable health, we can help you reduce your footprint on the planet.

Our preference is to use tests, supplements, and other products from companies with sound ethical and environmental policies. Our office is a paper free zone, and we use online conferencing for consultations, meetings and continuing professional development, where possible, to reduce our carbon footprint.


Personalised Care

We are all biologically unique individuals with physical and mental health status mapped out by our genetics, life experiences, dietary habits, stressors, toxic exposures and more. You won’t find any off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all protocols here. Every health plan is built to fit each client’s unique set of needs and abilities.

We conduct a lengthy and detailed intake consultation, use health questionnaires, timelines and test results to assess, analyse and gain an understanding of your functional health.


Professional Standards

Our professional practice is governed by BANT & CNHC. Registration with these regulatory organisations requires compliance with their strict standards for qualification, continuing professional development (CPD), insurance, and adherence to their code of conduct. By choosing a CNHC & BANT-registered Nutrition Practitioner you can have absolute confidence in our level of qualification, safe practice and professionalism.


Innovative Healthcare

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly evolving area of health care which is able to respond to our ever-changing society, and applies the latest research and innovative laboratory techniques to better understand the functional nature of each client’s health challenges.

On average, it takes 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to translate into conventional health care so many GP's & consultants unaware of the advances in functional medicine and its application in the treatment of chronic health conditions.


Root Cause Resolution

The focus is on getting to the root causes of your illness. We also examine the key cellular imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as functional medicine, our care is effective because we focus on dealing with the "up-stream" catalysts of chronic illnesses – including toxicity in your home or work-place, potential food intolerances and allergies, gut & hormonal imbalances, along with mindset.

About Wendy Urwin

Registered Nutrition Practitioner

Wendy’s passion for nutrition stems from her personal experience of debilitating chronic fatigue, severe irritable bowel syndrome, histamine intolerance and anxiety. Medically there was ‘nothing wrong’ but she was incapacitated. Nutrition and lifestyle medicine restored her health and saved her sanity.

She studied nutritional therapy at postgraduate MSc level to gain a scientifically-robust and professionally approved qualification enabling her to treat clients with skill and confidence. Her training was consolidated at the Applied Clinical Practice in Functional Medicine (AFMCP) course run by the world renowned, Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). 

Wendy has a specialist knowledge of gut health, histamine intolerance/ MCAS, the human microbiomes and the impact this has on all areas of health and wellbeing.

I had instant results with Wendy's health plan and no longer suffer abdominal pain or rush to the loo. I have more energy than I've had for a very long time.

I feel so much better and with GP's support have been able to stop prescription medications - a major goal. This new journey has given me the confidence, stamina and determination to enjoy a much better and fuller life.

Wendy's caring and helpful advice, attention and suggestions regarding our different health challenges have helped us tremendously over the last six months.

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