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Client Testimonials

I had instant results with Wendy's health plan and no longer suffer abdominal pain or rush to the loo. I have more energy than I've had for a very long time.

I feel so much better and with GP's support have been able to stop prescription medications - a major goal. This new journey has given me the confidence, stamina and determination to enjoy a much better and fuller life.

Wendy's caring and helpful advice, attention and suggestions regarding our different health challenges have helped us tremendously over the last six months.

Before consulting with Wendy, my days were spent in discomfort and misery. It took a few weeks of consultation and treatment but eventually my gut started to respond positively and I began to feel well for the first time in years

We both highly recommend Wendy as a caring and thorough nutritionist and a lovely person.

I am very glad I contacted Wendy, it has been well worth ‘hanging in there' and following my instinct that I was on the right path.

Wendy listens and researched everything, no stone was left unturned in helping me improve my health.

It took some weeks of consultation and treatment but eventually my gut started to respond positively and I began to feel well for the first time in years. .

I have told my friends and family about Wendy and they have now sought her help with their specific health related conditions.

I was very satisfied with Wendy's knowledge and expertise in this field. When I had my first consultation with her I felt instantly confident with her knowledge and what she was telling me.

Thanks to you we can clearly see exactly what we need to do regarding diet and lifestyle in order to STAY healthy and happy regarding our eating habits and lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

It was just wonderful to see the changes that have occurred thanks to your input and the dietary changes I made.

I can’t thank Wendy enough as she has turned my gut health around. She took me back to basics and with some tests has managed to help me by correcting some things that were very wrong.

We had a thorough consultation over a video call as I was too sick to travel and mostly bed bound. Wendy arranged tests to identify the underlying cause of the problems. This lady knows her stuff!

What I loved most about Wendy and why I am recommending her so highly is because every medication and symptom was looked at and scrutinised.

Wendy truly is a fount of knowledge. We are happier and a great deal healthier than either of us has been for years.

I am still working with Wendy as I am a complex Lyme case and won’t be fixed overnight but I'm very relieved to have her support.

I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone that is struggling with their health.

I dread to think where I would be right now had I not had Wendy's input.

Sometimes it is just the simplest of things that can make a huge difference but having the trust to allow ourselves to be guided from what has become the norm ...... that is the biggest step and can be the most difficult.

I came away from the consultation with a very positive feeling and attitude for moving forward and I thank you very much for that.

I recommend this lovely lady to anyone that is suffering from various ailments. You won’t be disappointed.

You have a very calming, relaxing nature and it is easy to relate to the information you give.

I would rate her business as First Class.

Many thanks for your health plan. I feel it is very comprehensive and well thought-through – perhaps the highest calibre plan I’ve ever received throughout this 30-year “journey”.

When I contacted Wendy I was having serious gut health issues and in severe pain! Nothing I did seemed to help and equally nothing the Dr gave me seemed to help either. I was a steady state of rapid decline and so desperate for help.

Really happy with the diet you suggest, full of things i love. Great suggestions with the herbs and additions

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